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2018年9月17日 (月)

Time changes between the square inch

From the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, there were three battles and three battles of lsi organized by the state, and the achievements were achieved, but the actual results were not great. After the reform and opening up, many people think that the renewal of equipment is the only way to reverse the backward appearance of integrated circuits.


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"What it reveals is not that we have any problems, it reflects differences in the country's development stage. It's really hard for a country that hasn't finished industrialization to develop new and high technology industries. Ye tianchun, director of the institute of microelectronics at the Chinese academy of sciences, told science and technology daily.

In the 1990s, China successively implemented the "908" project and "909" project, and established a six-inch wafer demonstration line, integrated circuit packaging demonstration line and a number of integrated circuit design enterprises. In 2000, the state council issued several policies to encourage the development of software industry and integrated circuit industry. Many domestic chip manufacturing enterprises, packaging and testing enterprises have been established; In 2011, the state council issued several policies to further encourage the development of the software industry and the integrated circuit industry.


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To sum up, ye believes that the real turning point was the launch of major national science and technology projects in 2008. First, the investment in research and development is used as accumulation to establish a technical system that can support the rapid development of the industry. There are also national integrated circuit industry investment fund to support the integrated circuit industry to do overseas mergers and acquisitions, do introduction, absorption and digestion innovation, "the effect has been shown".

Liu jiuru frankly said that the development of China's IC industry has attracted more and more attention recently, because China has implemented the strategy of strong manufacturing power and strong network power, promoted the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and informatization and information security should be autonomous and controllable, which has triggered a wide range of demands for high-performance IC chips from all walks of life. "At the same time, due to the gap between key technologies, basic materials and technological equipment, China's integrated circuit industry is still under the control of others, mainly dependent on imports. Therefore, the scientific and technological community and the industry have also taken actions to integrate resources, pool talents, increase investment and promote the development of China's integrated circuit industry. "Said liu.


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In June, at a BBS themed event on the chip industry, zeng xuezhong, global executive vice president and CEO of ziguang group, pointed out that chip is the foundation of the digital era, and the future global semiconductor market should be "" one in one, one in the other" ". Independent innovation is needed, otherwise there is no capital for international cooperation. But international cooperation alone cannot solve the core problem of China's chip industry development.


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Zeng xuezhong thinks, do chip, must bear "the bench must sit ten years cold". But he is also optimistic: "" after a while, I believe we will surpass everyone else in the semiconductor industry." " China's chip companies, he said, should have the idea - not the end. "We do not return the broken gullland, because there are new ones ahead." (journalist zhang galen)

« exploration promotes technological innovation | トップページ | The past was beautiful »





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