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2018年12月28日 (金)

Managed Security Assistance Suppliers

Richard Fleischman & Associates: "Leveraging Seceon's aiMSSP solution, we are now processing more than 700 million events per day with less than one percent rate of false positives and have increased the efficiency of our IT and SOC personnel by 37 percent. Our SOC analysts are able to research valid alerts faster and considerably reduce Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) for our customers," said Grigoriy Millis, Chief Technology Officer for Richard Fleischman & Associates, a trusted technology partner to over 600 clients globally, with more than $900 billion in total assets under management. He continued, "Multi-tier, multi-tenancy enables us to provide non-stop company to our MSSP and end-customers with complete flexibility to grow our business by adding unlimited new customers of all sizes."


TrustCSI™ MSS (Managed Security Services) with SIEM technology provides advanced security analytics to identify threats and manage risks.


High Wire Networks: "All organizations, big or small, are now targets of sophisticated cyberattacks that have barraged large enterprises for years," said Mark Porter, President and Chief Executive Officer for High Wire Networks, a company with a long track record of delivering managed solutions at scale with attractive price points for their customers. He continued, "By combining our Overwatch Security Platform-as-a-Service with Seceon's real-time threat detection, containment, and elimination, we're enabling our partners to immediately begin delivering world-class, 24x7x365 safety to small-to-medium enterprises. This provides the protection they need from their trusted company provider at a price they can afford, while supporting high margins for our partners. Multi-tier, multi-tenancy enables us to offer the company at scale and with ease. It allows us to provide our partners a view into every client we serve on their behalf, while keeping each partner's clients' information securely concealed from anyone else."


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ADT Cybersecurity: According to Larry Cecchini, GM and Vice President, ADT Cybersecurity, Inc., "It is imperative for an advanced protection solution to stay ahead of the threat curve that constantly looms and shifts on the horizon. Small to medium-sized businesses typically lack the resources and in-house expertise to adequately defend their network infrastructure (and everything depending on it) against the myriad threats in our cyber world. ADT has launched ADT-IQ company based on the aiMSSP solution. It provides a platform that enables us to deliver affordable differentiated services to our clients and is easily deployed at scale in any environment, simplifying our ability to provide this revolutionary defense to thousands of customers rapidly."


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Cecchini adds, "It provides excellent Log Management, Archival and Analysis option that helps our customers compliance needs. Additionally it minimizes the time we have to spend on filtering the safety logs from silo devices by aggregating them into simple to read Alerts with Forensic Drill Down."


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Netswitch: "Netswitch leverages the Seceon Platform with our holistic approach of proactive threat detection, real-time remediation and in-depth analytic capabilities to construct SecurliPaaS with Trending Analysis for early detection and preventive responses," said Stanley Li, Chief Executive Officer & President of Netswitch. "Together, we have demonstrated to our clients ¨C over an initial 24-month period ¨C a reduction of 91.98% in indicators of compromise (IOC), we reduced full resolution time by 99.39%, while also reducing the cost of managing and maintaining a SIEM solution by an average of 50 percent." He continues, "Multi-tier, multi-tenancy empowers us to offer distinctive services at unprecedented scale to our current MDR clients with complete privacy and stability of data."

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